Protect your managed IT with simplified patch management

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Simplify Patch Management

SolarWinds® RMM streamlines patch management with deep automation, scheduling, batch approvals, and robust reporting.

  • Keep up to date with the latest security patches from a single, easy-to-use web console
  • Auto-approve patches for specific programs based on severity levels
  • Support operating systems, Adobe products, Java, and more

Gain Complete, Centralized Control

SolarWinds RMM Patch Management helps you prevent cyberattacks and optimize system performance.

Streamline Your Patch Management

  • Single Console: Eliminate the need for multiple tools with complete patch management in one place.
  • Convenient Approvals: Manually approve patches in batch across sites, networks, servers, and workstations.
  • Scheduling: Set patching windows so you can update software without disrupting critical productive times.
  • Reporting: Clear reports provide complete transparency over patch statuses so you can fix issues as they arise.

SolarWinds® Backup is the modern, cloud-first backup service for your virtual and physical servers. Designed to reduce the cost and complexity of backup without sacrificing speed or reliability.

With this simple, powerful, and affordable service, your backups go directly to our global purpose-built private cloud, and our deep deduplication makes backing up (and recovering) even your largest servers fast and efficient.

With SolarWinds Backup, you can manage all your backups from a single dashboard, and get hours of your week back.

Decrease your customers’ downtime and spend less time on routine backup management.

SolarWinds RMM Helps You Manage All Your IT 

What Our Customers Have To Say 

"With SolarWinds MSP, we now have more time to engage in a consultative role, rather than simply fighting their fires."
- Calen Slezash, Caltec Solutions

"Easy to use and manage. It has all the essentials needed without being bloated and integrates nicely with other products."
- Alex Goodside, ITproMedia

"If there's a problem, we see it and can remotely take control of the machine that's giving the problem and fix it from here."
- Elbert Suares, NetSys Network Systems

Protect Your Managed IT with Simplified Patch Management

Prevent cyberattacks and optimize system performance with SolarWinds RMM.

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Network Path Visualization

Understand your entire network's performance and infrastructure.

Automated Monitoring & Maintenance

Automate tasks with our drag-and-drop editor or upload your own scripts. 

Network Device Monitoring 

Monitor switches, routers, firewalls, and more via SNMP from your dashboard.

Protect your users' data with full system backup and disaster recovery. 

Backup & Recovery 

Remote Access 

Perform maintenance and fix issues without leaving your desk. 

Protect against known viruses and catch new, hard-to-detect malware threats. 

Managed Antivirus 

Data-Driven Insights 

Get actionable insights based on analyzing over 5 million endpoints. 

Keep users safe and productive with bandwidth monitoring, filtering, and more. 

Web Protection 

Assess new customers' IT security and prove value immediately. 

Data-Breach Risk Intelligence